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Re: [tlaplus] Changing editor's font colors for numbers, logical symbols, etc in the spec

On 16.03.20 11:54, travisallison@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I am just starting with the toolbox.  I changed the background color of
> the editor to white.  I am trying to find the preference to change the
> font color for the logical symbols, numbers, etc.  The are currently
> white, so they are invisible.
> I've changed every color that was white in "Colors and Fonts", but have
> been unable to find the correct setting.
> Also, I've looked for ways to change the comment color (currently green)
> and the keywords (currently purple) but can't find those selections either.

Hi Travis,

I find the Toolbox to look most pleasant/ergonomic with theming
disabled, which you turn off by launching the Toolbox with 'toolbox
-cssTheme none'.


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