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Re: [tlaplus] Why does adding a new step collapse my model to a single state?

On 29.03.19 14:32, Xavier Shay wrote:
> This got me thinking what could be different between our environments,
> and led me to a discovery:
> This "collapsing" only happens when either (or both) VoidRedundantAuths
> or EventualCapture are added to the model as a temporal property to
> check. (I also have DistinctIds and NoDoubleCapture as invariants, they
> do not cause the issue.) I am suspicious of the `Success ~>` pattern I
> have used in those, it feels a bit weird, but am not sure why yet.
> I'm using toolbox on Ubuntu 18.10. Here is a link to a zip of my
> payments.toolbox
> folder: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qASlY0euOqg7VCd2QFKD68y86ieLICwf/view?usp=sharing
> Thank you both for taking the time to assist!

Hi Xavier,

can you share a screenshot of the Result Page when it only displays a
single state?  All MC.out files in the zip file - created by TLC running
in the Toolbox - show more than one distinct state.


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