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[tlaplus] Why does adding a new step collapse my model to a single state?

I'm a brand new TLA+ user. I've written a spec for a simple payments system: https://github.com/xaviershay/tla-sandbox/blob/master/payments.tla

This works! Hooray! It has 383 distinct states for 3 DCs. I'm now trying to modify it to allow for the case where a server "double handles" a request from a client by simply repeating the HandleRequest macro: 

The model now passes ... but it only has a single distinct state, so I'm pretty sure it's wrong. I can't come up with any hypotheses as to why this would happen. I used a similar approach in the Sync process and it worked fine there. (I get the same result using either to optionally run the repeated handler).

Any suggestions for fixes or further debugging welcome.

Apologies for not providing a more minimal case, but I don't yet know which aspects of my spec are relevant :(


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