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Re: [tlaplus] Toolbox not finding pdflatex -- Mac

Here's an idea: on a Mac, the environment (and in particular the PATH) that's passed to an application depends on how the application was launched. In particular, Eclipse appears to get the system-wide default path, not the one that you defined in your .bashrc file or similar.

See http://danielsmedegaardbuus.dk/2012-12-12/getting-something-like-a-global-path-in-mac-os-x/ for a fairly detailed explanation of the mess. I did something simpler than what's proposed there by just putting

setenv PATH … 

in file /etc/launchd.conf, and my PATH worries with the Toolbox were gone.

Hope this helps,


On 24 Oct 2013, at 05:13, Kevin Sullivan <sulliva...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Subject pretty much says it. Up-to-date Mac. Running tools ok.  TexShop installed. TLA+ Toolbox fails to run pdflatex in correct directory, but I can run it there fine using terminal/console/command line. pdflatex is on my path. I looked for a setting in the toolbox to program a path to pdflatex. What am I missing? Sorry for the uninteresting question. Regards, --Kevin
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