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Re: Toolbox not finding pdflatex -- Mac

Thanks, guys. I guess I didn't think to dig down into the "pdf viewer" preference to find the option for the "pdf generator." Should have just unfolded all the options. In any case, hardwiring the path to pdflatex there worked as expected. Thanks again. --Kevin

On Wednesday, October 23, 2013 11:13:48 PM UTC-4, Kevin Sullivan wrote:
Subject pretty much says it. Up-to-date Mac. Running tools ok.  TexShop installed. TLA+ Toolbox fails to run pdflatex in correct directory, but I can run it there fine using terminal/console/command line. pdflatex is on my path. I looked for a setting in the toolbox to program a path to pdflatex. What am I missing? Sorry for the uninteresting question. Regards, --Kevin