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Re: [tlaplus] [Dr. TLA+ Series] Paxos - Andrew Helwer (June 22nd, 10-11:30am PDT)

   >>If anyone knows of others, please tell me where they are.

A few more:

1. Thinking for Programmers   (includes the non-recursive QuickSort example)

2. Thinking Above the Code    (somewhat similar to #1, different Q&A)

3. Turing Award Lecture      (This link is broken for me now. It used to work.)

4. A Mathematical view of Computer Systems   (21st Century Computing Conference in Beijing)

5. What is Computation?        (Silicon Valley Leaders Symposium)

On Wednesday, July 6, 2016 at 6:36:19 AM UTC-7, Leslie Lamport wrote:
Hi Frederic,

I didn't know that a talk of mine on PlusCal was on the web.  Could you send
me its URL?  Here are the talks of mine that on the Web that I know about.

   Who Builds a Skyscraper without Drawing Blueprints?
   How to Write a 21st Century Proof
      (The video is in a format my browser can't read.)
   A Mathematical View of Computation
   Max Plank Institute, 25 September 2015
   What is Computation

If anyone knows of others, please tell me where they are.


On Wednesday, July 6, 2016 at 5:15:04 AM UTC-7, fl wrote:

While I am not in a reasonable time zone to watch the live broadcast anyway, I had the same concern as Simon. Although the normal Skype works on Linux, Skype for Business is not supported on Linux (not even the so-called web app), so I hope that the recording will be available later in a more portable format.

I take the opportunity of this remark to say my opinion about those lectures that are more and more frequent.

One of them was posted recently by Leslie. I've watched it. It was remarkable. It presented the philosophy
behind TLAPLUS together with some points I was not aware. A really good synthetic lecture. Unfortunately
the site that presented this lecture seems to consider it is its property. Impossible to have a copy
on one's laptop. Not very kind for the lecturer nor for the auditor.

On some other sites lectures can be downloaded. For instance (for those who can speak French):

But there is still a problem Berry's lectures are very rich and if you want to listen back a part of them
you can't because they are not divided into sections and have no table of contents
and no index and you can't even index by yourself the parts you would like to listen again.

Better than the usual ununderstandable powerpoints but not yet perfect.