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[tlaplus] Re: need help with starting with writing a spec

I want to add to what I said. I think that grammars for my parser should be modeled as sequences too. So I would need to give a specific grammar to the model as well and this would be even more limiting... Perhaps I do not understand how to specify something like this effectively... Please help.

суббота, 16 декабря 2023 г. в 23:54:38 UTC-5, szcze:
Hello, I am a beginner and I am only starting to learn the concepts. I need to write a specification for a parser, and as far as I understand the only way to model the input stream of tokens is by using sequences. That is, I have to give a specific sequence of tokens to my model and run the model on this sequence. But any such sequence limits the ability of TLA+ to enumerate all possibilities and help me find problems in my spec. I would have to give manually generate a set of possible inputs for my model and try them one by one, I think, to be able to "exercise" all possible behaviors. Is what I am saying correct? Would someone please comment on this and point me in the right direction?

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