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[tlaplus] Recent issues posting

Expecting this to not actually succeed in being posted but oh well.


Both emails and posts through the web interface are failing to post. Discussion here: https://github.com/tlaplus/tlaplus/issues/796


I wrote a blog post about it here: https://ahelwer.ca/post/2023-03-08-google-groups/


Issue tracked here: https://support.google.com/groups/thread/205048267/all-groups-messages-are-getting-automatically-deleted-as-soon-as-posted?hl=en


Regardless of whether this is fixed I believe we should look at switching away from google groups. My blog post surveys what other formal methods projects are using. I'll present a longer overview of this topic at the community meeting next week but I think the basic contours should look like:

  1. Mailing list hosted by Linux Foundation
  2. Bulletin board web interface for the mailing list (so we have a better interface than this)
  3. Zulip chat for lower-stakes pseudo-realtime discussion


I don't think we should use closed-source vendor-locked group chat software like Slack or Discord. Of the main FOSS groupchat software (matrix, mattermost, zulip) people seem to most enjoy zulip and it is used by the Coq, Lean, and Isabelle communities.



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