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[tlaplus] Re: TLA+ extensions for user-defined procedure writing by programming language

They term you're looking for is model-based testing. Usually this is done by pre-generating a system trace then translating that trace to events in your system and running those events against your system. It seems simpler than the on-line method you've described. There have been a number of talks at the past couple TLA+ confs about model-based testing: http://conf.tlapl.us/home/


On Saturday, February 19, 2022 at 3:12:01 AM UTC-5 fch...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Can TLA+ support such an extension that allows running user-defined procedures written by some programming language when an event happens?
Or is there any plan for this?
It may be helpful to provide this function, such as auto-generating test cases.


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