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[tlaplus] Beta Reduction

From Specifying Systems Chapter 17.1.2, my understanding is that beta-reduction refers to the procedure of replacing the identifiers of a lambda _expression_ with appropriate, corresponding expressions e.g. for a lambda _expression_ 

LAMBDA p1,...,pn : exp 

that represents the operator Op, we have that 


equals the result of replacing pi in exp with ei for all 1...n. 

My question is whether this beta-reduction procedure is implemented directly in TLC or SANY. I am wondering if it is possible with any of the current tools to take a spec and reduce it to a form such that all defined operators are substituted with their full definitions. This [1] is the closest mention of it that I see appearing in the tools.


[1] https://github.com/tlaplus/tlaplus/blob/d977051118f63b9c97d7d4c4d6af27183971ada3/tlatools/org.lamport.tlatools/src/tla2sany/semantic/LevelNode.java

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