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Re: [tlaplus] Mutually Recursive Higher Order Terms Syntax Error

Hello Markus,

> You will have to create a benchmark to determine if performance differs
> significantly between recursive operators and recursive functions.

From this I infer that there is no obvious reason stopping us from using the trick I suggested.
That's good news. Thanks.

> the existing bug #57 is about aligning TLC with the TLA+ language spec,
> i.e., fix TLC to no longer accept higher-order recursive operators.

Another reason for us to switch to using functions ASAP.

> If you believe that TLA+ should support higher-order recursive operators
> and have the capacity to design and implement it, please open an RFC at
> https://github.com/tlaplus/rfcs.

Thanks! I certainly think TLA+ should support HO recursive operators and would
love to pick something like that up if I ever get enough free time or my employer
is happy with that. :)


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