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Re: [tlaplus] Mutually Recursive Higher Order Terms Syntax Error

On 8/10/21 1:02 AM, Victor Miraldo wrote:
@Markus, thanks for the link. I couldn't figure out whether the issue you linked meant to say the support will disappear or whether there is more interest in supporting it. It surely doesn't help that the `SetReduce` appears on the https://learntla.com/tla/operators/ page.


Is there a disadvantage to using TLA+ functions and the trick above? Specifically, could that hurt performance in case `TypeA` is a complex set?
Where can I learn more about the tradeoffs between using TLA+-operators to encode lambda-calc-functions or TLA+-functions to encode lambda-calc-functions?

Hi Viktor,

the existing bug #57 is about aligning TLC with the TLA+ language spec, i.e., fix TLC to no longer accept higher-order recursive operators.

If you believe that TLA+ should support higher-order recursive operators and have the capacity to design and implement it, please open an RFC at https://github.com/tlaplus/rfcs.

As for LearnTLA: https://github.com/hwayne/learntla/issues/98

You will have to create a benchmark to determine if performance differs significantly between recursive operators and recursive functions.


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