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[tlaplus] Operations on a sequence of records


My problem is the following:

A have a sequence of many instances of a record. Like this
seq_of_records == <<rec1,rec2,rec3>> 

Where every record has the same type (same fields), but different values for each.

I have to find the minimum value of a certain field between all the instances of that record. Something like:
min_value = min(rec1.a,rec2.a,rec3.a)

I tried:
new_sequence == SelectSeq(seq_of_records, LAMBDA element: element.a)
transform_to_set == ToSet(new_sequence)
min_value = Min(transform_to_set)

But that use of the LAMBDA operator does not seems to be valid. Any tip on how to get just some fields from a sequence of records ?


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