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[tlaplus] [Newbie Question] Engineer trying to get maths meaning


I'm trying to understand this part of the paxos specification. I'm not trying to understand how paxos works, I get that, I'm just trying to understand how to read and understand this part of the specification. 

01  /\ \E Q \in Quorum :
02        LET Q1b == {m \in msgs : /\ m.type = "1b"
03                                 /\ m.acc \in Q
04                                 /\ m.bal = b}
05            Q1bv == {m \in Q1b : m.mbal \geq 0}
06        IN  /\ \A a \in Q : \E m \in Q1b : m.acc = a 
07            /\ \/ Q1bv = {}
08               \/ \E m \in Q1bv : 
09                    /\ m.mval = v
10                    /\ \A mm \in Q1bv : m.mbal \geq mm.mbal 

On line 01 you define that Q is in set of Quorum and then lines 02-10 define what Q will be. My confusion is on Line 03 Q is referenced. How can you reference something that hasn't been assigned a value yet. 

I may very well be suffering from "... brain washing done by years of C programming".

Any help that I could get in understanding this would be greatly appreciated. Also, is there a place on the web were I can better familiarize my self with such concepts.



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