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Re: [tlaplus] TLA+ community meeting 2020

On 23.06.20 07:25, Stephan Merz wrote:
> Dear TLA+ community,
> we will again organize a meeting for presenting new developments around TLA+ and exchanging around ongoing work. The meeting is planned as a satellite of the Symposium on Distributed Computing [1] in mid-October. Due to the ongoing pandemic the meeting will in all likelihood take place as a virtual meeting online, with the exact date(s) to be determined.
> Please let us know if you have suggestions or requests for the content or the organization of the meeting. A call for contributions will be published once the format of the meeting has been fixed.
> Best regards, and stay healthy,
> Stephan Merz
> [1] http://www.disc-conference.org/wp/disc2020/

Friendly reminder that the deadline to submit talks to the TLA+
community even in October is less than two weeks from today.  More at


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