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[tlaplus] Proving false with fairness

Two silly cases where TLC finds that <>FALSE is a valid property of the models. The first case is correct but unexpected. The second case uses CONSTRAINT which changes the meaning of the spec w.r.t liveness.

Would it be possible for TLC to warn that the situation is dangereous?
I have been bitten by both cases in a larger model (500 lines of TLA+) and lost a lot of time because of a typo (first case) and trusting "constraint" too much (second case).

---------------- MODULE foo ----------------
Fairness == WF_x(x' = 3)
Spec == x = 0 /\ [][x' = 1]_x /\ Fairness
Ouch == <>FALSE

TLC (and TLA+ logic) correctly proves <>FALSE:
Init /\ [][Next] has a unique execution (modulo stuttering) : x=0 -> x=1
This execution does not satisfy fairness.
Thus Spec = FALSE and Spec => anything.


---------------- MODULE bar ----------------
EXTENDS Naturals
Next == x' = x + 1
Spec == x = 0 /\ [][Next]_x /\ WF_x(Next)
Constraint == x <= 2
Ouch == <>FALSE

With CONSTRAINT Constraint, TLC proves <>FALSE:
Init /\ [][Next] and the constraint has a unique execution (modulo stuttering):
     x=0 -> x=1 -> x=2 -> x=3
It does not satisfy fairness, and Spec = FALSE.

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