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Re: [tlaplus] How to visualize the state graph?

On 07.11.18 00:05, Alen wrote:
> I met some questions when using Gephi to open the dot output. It cannot
> recognize some edges in the file. So the graph it shows is totally
> different from toolbox graph. Here is the spec (from the hyperbook) and
> the dot output I used. Is it necessary to modify the file before I use it? 

Hi Alen,

can you try with the most recent Toolbox build [1]?  Commits [2][3]
addresses incompatibilities with external viewers.  You might also want
to try Cytoscape's [4] dot import [5] which recently fixed an important
bug [6].


[1] https://tla.msr-inria.inria.fr/tlatoolbox/ci/products/
[4] https://cytoscape.org/
[5] http://apps.cytoscape.org/apps/dotapp
[6] https://github.com/idekerlab/dot-app/issues/16