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Re: [tlaplus] Re: Trouble Running Toolbox on macOS Sierra

On 05.10.2017 20:52, daveu...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I had the same issue, so then I downloaded 1.5.4 instead (nightly build). However, now I get this on launching:
> An error has occurred.
> See the log file
> null.
> Just be clear on the steps I followed:
> Downloaded the 1.5.4 nightly.
> Unzipped in my downloads folder.
> Moved TLA+ Toolbox.app to my Applications folder.
> Launched from there.
> Looking inside the package, there doesn't seem to be a log file like before (I assume that's where the null comes from?)
> Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


starting with 1.5.4 the .log file is locate in your user home directory
at ~/.tlaplus/.metadata/.log.