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Re: [tlaplus] introducing "Dr. TLA+ Series"

Awesome ! +1

On Sat, May 14, 2016 at 2:23 PM, Cheng Huang <cheng...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

With great commitment from the below speakers, we are very excited to launch “Dr. TLA+ Series”.


Dr. TLA+ Series: learn an algorithm and protocol, study a specification


Each one-hour session will focus on a single algorithm and protocol, presented by a single speaker. The speaker will:

-- dive deep into how the algorithm and protocol works

-- illustrate in detail how the TLA+ specification is written

-- share the learnings from writing/studying the TLA+ specification


Format: Sessions will be presented through live streaming (with remote questioning) and open to anyone who is interested. The announcements will be made in the TLA+ Google group. All sessions will be recorded and made available online.


Audience: the series are for people who already know how to write at least simple TLA+ specs. Rather than how to get started, the series focus on learning new algorithms/protocols and techniques to write better specifications.


Schedule: Details will be available soon. The below are the current topics/speakers.







Andrew Helwer (Microsoft)



Jin Li (Microsoft)


Logical Physical Clocks

Prof. Murat Demirbas (U. of Buffalo, SUNY)


Fast Paxos

Cheng Huang (Microsoft)


Serializable Snapshot Isolation

Chris Newcombe (Oracle)


Speaker: This is a community effort. Everyone is welcome to volunteer as a speaker. Speakers get to choose (or ask recommendation from us) which algorithm/protocol/specification to present.


Stay tuned …

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