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Re: [tlaplus] TLAPS-proved invariant violated in TLC?

Dear Jaak,

what should not have worked in your proof are the level-2 steps that prove a non-temporal obligation "BY PTL". (Note that the proof does not even use the CASE assumption or the definitions of formulas NextComponent.)

I just tried this and PTL indeed accepts these steps. It wrongly considers the assumption "Invariant" to occur in a boxed context (i.e., it assumes it to always hold) and therefore has no problem proving that Invariant' must be true. In fact, it even accepts the bogus proof

 <1>2. Invariant /\ [Next]_vars => Invariant'
   <2> SUFFICES ASSUME Invariant,
                PROVE Invariant'
   <2> QED BY PTL

This is a serious bug in the handling of temporal contexts that we need to fix in the code of TLAPS. Until we do so, please be sure not to use PTL for a non-temporal proof in the context of a SUFFICES ASSUME ... PROOF step.

Thanks for reporting this!


> On 16 Oct 2015, at 13:07, Jaak Ristioja <jaak.r...@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello!
> During designing a (proprietary) protocol I've reached a point where
> I've proved (all highlighted green in TLA+ Toolbox) an invariant like
>  THEOREM InvariantHolds == Spec => []Invariant \* All green
>  <1>1. Init => Invariant PROOF OMITTED \* For this e-mail
>  <1>2. Invariant /\ [Next]_vars => Invariant'
>    <2> SUFFICES ASSUME Invariant
>                        [Next]_vars
>                 PROVE Invariant'
>        OBVIOUS
>    <2>1. CASE NextComponent BY PTL
>    <2>2. CASE NextComponent2 BY PTL
>    \* ...
>    <2>3. QED BY <2>1, <2>2 (* ... *) DEF Next
>  <1>3. QED BY <1>1, <1>2, PTL DEF Spec
> But when I run the protocol TLC it reports that the invariant Invariant
> is violated. After debugging this for a while I found a bug in my
> Invariant which explains why it failed in TLC. Is it incorrect of me to
> assume TLAPS has successfully proved the theorem when the TLA+ Toolbox
> hightlights the theorem all green a pressing CTRL+G on it twice? Am I
> doing something wrong or is this a bug?
> Best regards,
> Jaak
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