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At the workshop on TLA+ in August, we decided to start this Google Group to help strengthen and grow the community of TLA+ researchers and users. To help build the community, it would be great if new members of the group could say a few words about themselves and their interest in TLA+. I’ll start the ball rolling…

I’m a principal engineer at Amazon.com[1], in the Web Services (databases) group.   I work on scalable fault-tolerant distributed systems, for which correctness is critical.

TLA+ is the most valuable thing that I’ve learned in my professional career.  It has changed how I work, by giving me an immensely powerful tool to find subtle flaws in system designs.  It has changed how I think, by giving me a framework for constructing new kinds of mental-models, by revealing the precise relationship between correctness properties and system designs, and by allowing me to move from ‘plausible prose’ to precise statements much earlier in the software development process.  At Amazon we’ve used TLA+ with great success on several projects[2], and I’m hoping to increase that momentum.

I really enjoyed meeting everyone at the workshop, and I'm looking forward to meeting and learning from more people from the TLA+ world.


[1] Opinions expressed here are my own, not those of my employer.
[2] http://tla2012.loria.fr/contributed/newcombe-slides.pdf
[3] http://tla2012.loria.fr/program.html