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Re: [tlaplus] Toolbox running under Java 1.8

On 10.05.2015 17:16, tkkirkham via tlaplus wrote:
> Hi folks.  After reading Viewpoint in the Communications of the ACM I
> was motivated to try TLA+.  I can get  the command line tools to work
> but the toolbox refuses to run the model checker but it does parse
> specs ok.  I have tried both the current version and the release
> candidate.  I am using windows 7 with Java 1.8.0_25 and the only
> conclusion I can come to is that the version of Eclipse that the
> toolbox uses won't run correctly with Java 1.8.  Is this a known
> issue or am I simply doing something stupid?

Hi Tony,

is there some sort of output like an exception shown in the Toolbox's
"TLC Console" when you try to launch the model checker? If not, can you
send me the .log file in workspace/.metadata relative to the Toolbox's
installation directory.

I haven't checked Win7 explicitly, but the release candidate is working
fine on Win8.1 and Java8 here.