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Re: [tlaplus] ToolBox GraphViz encountered problem after cleaning .tlaplus folder

Hello Chris!

You need to download the Grpahviz package from https://www.graphviz.org/download/ and put the installed directory into your path (my windows knowledge is limited but i think these instructions are ok: https://www.java.com/en/download/help/path.html ).

You can check on by opening cmd exe and running dot.exe that it works. Then also the toolbox will find it.


On 5/28/24 20:10, Chris Ortiz wrote:
Hi Tlaplus Google Group,

I need help. I used to generate state graph in the ToolBox but when my
ToolBox hanged up and I cleared the content of the .tlaplus folder so the
ToolBox can run again, I noticed I am getting 'Generating State Graph
Visualization...' has encountered a problem.

Below the details:

Errors occurred while running Graphviz
dot.exe/dot not found in PATH. Please install it from graphviz.org, update
the PATH or specify the absolute path in the preferences.
dot input was:
strict digraph DiskGraph {
node [shape=box,style=rounded]
edge [colorscheme="paired12"]
subgraph cluster_graph {
8011758163756806917 [label="/\\ pcie_vph = 0\n/\\ hsstp_vph = 0\n/\\
postDPS2Entry = FALSE\n/\\ vcc_1v8_aon = 0\n/\\ pcie_vp = 0\n/\\ vddq_nand
= 0\n/\\ aon_vdd = 0\n/\\ hsstp_vp = 0\n/\\ core_vdd = 0\n/\\ fphy_vdd =
0\n/\\ pmic_reset = 0",style = filled]
8011758163756806917 -> 576866175578947521
576866175578947521 [label="/\\ pcie_vph = 1\n/\\ hsstp_vph = 1\n/\\
postDPS2Entry = FALSE\n/\\ vcc_1v8_aon = 1\n/\\ pcie_vp = 1\n/\\ vddq_nand
= 1\n/\\ aon_vdd = 1\n/\\ hsstp_vp = 1\n/\\ core_vdd = 1\n/\\ fphy_vdd =
1\n/\\ pmic_reset = 1"];
576866175578947521 -> 5717618517093494699
5717618517093494699 [label="/\\ pcie_vph = 1\n/\\ hsstp_vph = 0\n/\\
postDPS2Entry = TRUE\n/\\ vcc_1v8_aon = 1\n/\\ pcie_vp = 0\n/\\ vddq_nand =
0\n/\\ aon_vdd = 1\n/\\ hsstp_vp = 0\n/\\ core_vdd = 0\n/\\ fphy_vdd ...
(3591 chars omitted)

I appreciate the help,


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