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[tlaplus] tla2tools.jar output error trace

Hello, I am integrating tla2tools.jar for formal verification, but during the command line stage, I want to output all error traces in json format.

But when I use the -dumpTrace command, the trace json file can be output normally.
java -jar tla2tools.jar -config DieHard.cfg DieHard.tla -dumpTrace json ./test/test.json (trace output right)

However, once I add the -continue option to the command line, I find that the -dumpTrace option is invalid. not output trace file. What is the reason? Or is there any other good solution?

java -jar tla2tools.jar -config DieHard.cfg DieHard.tla -continue -dumpTrace json ./test/test.json (trace output error)

tlc version is 2.18.

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