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[tlaplus] TCP Protocl model satisfies

Hey, I start to learn the TLA+ and the PlusCal, so I search on the Internet some cool question about it and i found something like that:

Build a model of TCP Protocol

The model satisfies requirements R1, R2:

R1: Any sent packet finally has to be received.

R2: There is infinitely many packets  sent through the system

So i start to try to write down the algorithem but i can undersatnd how to apporch it, i know that this two are easy but, still something missing:
this is what i already write:

---- MODULE TCP ----

EXTENDS Naturals, Sequences
VARIABLES seq, ack, state

Init == /\ seq = <<>>
        /\ ack = <<>>
        /\ state = 0
Send(x) == /\ state = 0
           /\ seq' = Append(seq, x)
           /\ state' = 1
Recv(x) == /\ state = 1
           /\ x \in seq
           /\ ack' = Append(ack, x)
           /\ state' = 0
Spec == Init /\ [][Send(N) \/ Recv(N)]_<<seq, ack, state>>

So now i want to try to satisify the system with the two properties, can some one help me please with that. Thanks :)

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