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Re: [tlaplus] Re: Potentially confusing behavior of a PlusCal algorithm

I forgot to mention I'm on windows 10, and using TLA+ Toolbox 1.7.1.
I did try 1.8.0 version when i saw it was out and it showed the same behavior.
On Thursday, 30 December 2021 at 9:48:25 pm UTC+10 Robin Luiten wrote:
I am new to TLA+ (taking another go at playing at it since my last time) and was working through the tla-video's.
I got up to the exercise related to the Die Hard Water Jug problem.
I solved it using PlusCal just to see if i could before looking at the rest of the video on the problem.
Once I had it running I went back and improved what I had created and ran into this behavior.

It appears to me the generated TLA+ is using a primed identifier when it shouldn't be.
If i swap the lines around marked "Line A" and "Line B" one oriention works and the assert for `big /\ 4` works the other swapping lines does not trigger than alert.
I did some searching and found the github issue
"PlusCal translation incorrectly depends on definition"
This seemed related as it talked about primed and unprimed variables in the TLA+ translation.

This example worries me that the order of my statements in a block makes it behave different.
I have included the PlusCal code here.
Just paste it into a new spec generate new model and run it to see behavior.
The code below as pasted will not find the `assert big /= 4`
Which i believe means the line `/\ small' = big' + small` in TLA+ BigToSmall is primed access to big` which breaks it.
But swapping lineA and lineB around in the PlusCal it will stop on `assert big /= 4` behve as expected as it will use big and not big`.


\* Appears to be related issue https://github.com/tlaplus/tlaplus/issues/338
\* by reordering

(* --algorithm diehardJugProblem
variables small = 0, big = 0,
  TypeOK ==
    /\ small \in 0..3
    /\ big \in 0..5
end define;

while TRUE do
  assert TypeOK;
  assert big /= 4; \* this failing means we got to goal

    big := 5;
    small := 3;
    big := 0
    small := 0
    if big + small =< 5
        big := big + small;
        small := 0;
        big := 5;
        small := big + small - 5;
    end if;
    if big + small =< 3
        big := 0;             \* lineA first fails to assert big /= 4
        small := big + small; \* lineB first will assert big /= 4 as expected
        big := big + small - 3;
        small := 3;
    end if;
  end either;
end while;
end algorithm; *)

On Friday, 5 February 2021 at 3:42:34 am UTC+10 Dan Tisdall wrote:
I'll just add this here as it may help somebody in the future track down this problem if they have a similar one. I was bitten by this today and it took me a while to find this thread which has cleared it up for me. My code had this problem and it was a bit hidden. Here is my code

        curr := PeekStack(self);                 \* Fine: there is an element for sure
        pop_stack();                                    \* Now the stack could be empty
            if(StackIsEmpty(self)){              \* Checks the old stack, not stack' !
rebalance2:                                              \* This whole label is unreachable!
                call rotate(Null, Null, root);
            assert ~StackIsEmpty(self);     \* Will fail because we did not early return as may have been expected

Now I know that I should either not use operators in these situations, or use additional labels.

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