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Re: [tlaplus] Re: Potentially confusing behavior of a PlusCal algorithm

I'll just add this here as it may help somebody in the future track down this problem if they have a similar one. I was bitten by this today and it took me a while to find this thread which has cleared it up for me. My code had this problem and it was a bit hidden. Here is my code

        curr := PeekStack(self);                 \* Fine: there is an element for sure
        pop_stack();                                    \* Now the stack could be empty
            if(StackIsEmpty(self)){              \* Checks the old stack, not stack' !
rebalance2:                                              \* This whole label is unreachable!
                call rotate(Null, Null, root);
            assert ~StackIsEmpty(self);     \* Will fail because we did not early return as may have been expected

Now I know that I should either not use operators in these situations, or use additional labels.

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