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[tlaplus] How do you do functions of structures?

Say you have a spec like this:

---- MODULE foo ----

EXTENDS Sequences
CONSTANT Worker, Msg
ASSUME Worker # {} /\ Msg # {}


WorkerState == [queue: Seq(Msg), online: BOOLEAN]
TypeOK ==
  state \in [Worker -> WorkerState]

\* ...


I've noticed that a lot of my students start by writing things that way, where we have a single state variable that is a function from Worker to WorkerState. I generally encourage them to instead write it as

VARIABLES worker_queue, worker_online

TypeOK ==
  /\ worker_queue \in [Worker -> Seq(Msg)]
  /\ worker_online \in [Worker -> BOOLEAN]

\* ...


The reason why I prefer this is because you can define worker_queue' and worker_online' in separate actions, while you can only (easily) define state' in a single action. Also, it's easier to do things like worker_queue' = [w \in Worker |-> (* ... *)]. The downside is your UNCHANGED statements get a little more cluttered, but IMO the benefits are worth it.

What do you all do? Do "destructure" your state or prefer to keep it all in one variable?


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