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Re: [tlaplus] Confidence in passing liveness properties after a TLC run

On 15.03.20 12:23, narganapathy@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> If a TLC run didn't finish to completion, does it mean that I can't get
> any confidence on whether the model passed liveness properties ? (i.e.,
> are liveness properties evaluated only at the end ?). 
> I see statements like below,
> Checking 5 branches of temporal properties for the current state space
> with 81961030 total distinct states at (2020-03-15 11:52:09)
>         Finished checking temporal properties in 22min 09s at 2020-03-15
> 12:14:18
> Does it mean that TLC check liveness properties at this time ?
> thanks
> Narayanan


from [1]:

"-lncheck param: If this is omitted or param equals default, TLC
performs liveness checking periodically, when the number of distinct
states it finds increases by 10%. If param equals final, TLC does
liveness checking only after it has computed the complete state graph."

[2] shows what TLC shows for a partial liveness check of the state graph
(TLC_CHECKING_TEMPORAL_PROPS) and what it shows for a liveness check of
the complete state graph (TLC_CHECKING_TEMPORAL_PROPS_END).


[1] https://lamport.azurewebsites.net/tla/current-tools.pdf

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