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Re: [tlaplus] State graph of distinct states

On 14.10.19 13:43, Hillel Wayne wrote:
> To get a dump of the state graph, you can generate a dumpfile by adding
> -dump path_to_fileunder TLC Options > Parameters > TLC command line
> parameters. You can read about other TLC parameters here
> <https://lamport.azurewebsites.net/tla/tlc-options.html>.

In order for TLC to generate the dump in dot/gv format, the command is
actually "-dump dot path_to_file" (note the "dot").

The command above is automatically set if one checks "Visualize state
graph..." on the "TLC Options" page of a Model:  With a model with name
"Model_1", path_to_file will be Spec.toolbox/Model_1/Model_1.dot from
where the dump can be opened with e.g. xdot, Gephi, or Cytoscape (should
the Toolbox's built-in visualization timeout).


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