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[tlaplus] Where can I download and install themes in the Toolbox?

Hi, I just installed the toolbox and am starting to play around with it.

In the preferences, it looks like there are no Themes to select from. Are these downloaded separately, or do I need to create them from scratch? I'm not finding any downloadable ones online.

I normally wouldn't care that much, but I override my OS theme to be one of the dark ones everywhere. This looks great in the application in general, but the editor font colors are all designed for a white background. I see "Classic" and "Reduced Palette", but it'd be great if there were a "dark background" one I can find somewhere, so I don't have to manually change the colors for all keyword types in the preferences.

I'm on Ubuntu 18.04, if it matters.

Thanks! Looking forward to getting deeper into things!

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