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[tlaplus] TLA+ Workshop in London on 20th September


apologies for self-promotion! We are a small group of devs organising a 1-day conference in London on Functional Programming and we got the opportunity to offer a 1-day TLA+ workshop.

The workshop is price adjusted as much as we could (trainer and venue need to be paid) to allow as many people as possible to join. We also have some diversity tickets in offer (if you need one and no more tickets are available, contact us via the website)

The event is:


Oh, and we'd appreciate any help forwarding this to anyone you may think is interested, we have exhausted our 'professional network' for outreach, and anything that can help in that regard is very welcome. As I said, we are not in this for personal profit, we are just devs going out of our comfort zone and organising some stuff :)

Kind regards to all,

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