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[tlaplus] for all, the transition condition is true?


Here is a simple specification.
I wonder whether the Next is enabled.
Variable q

SetA == {"a1", "a2", s3}

Init == q = [a \in  SetA |-> <<>>]

Next = \A x \ {1,2} : 
                         LET m = IF x = 1 THEN "a1"
                                                 IF x = 2 THEN "a2"
                                                 ELSE "a3"
                                q' = [q EXCEPT  ![m] = Append(@, x)]

Spec = Init /\ [][Next]_q

For all x, Next can be true?
When I use TLC, it doesn't seem to be true. For example, for 1, it's true at first but next 2 is not true.
Ideally, I expected that q's state is like [a1 |-> <<1>>, a2 |-> <<2>>, a3 |-> <<>>], but Next action is not enabled.
I want q's field value to be changed for all x values.

I need your advice.


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