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[tlaplus] Re: Is TLA spec shorter than code?

You should not expect a TLA+ specification of a program to be shorter
than the program.  Programming languages are designed to write
programs.  There's no reason a TLA+ spec that captures the meaning of
a program should  be as short as the program itself.  For example, the
program might have an assignment statement x = x+1 .  The TLA+ formula
x' = x+1 may look similar, but it's not at all the same.  For one
thing, the statement x = x+1 is supposed to throw an exception if x
is too large.  So, its TLA+ representation would have to be something

  IF x+1 =< MaxInt THEN x' = x+1 ELSE ...

plus a whole lot of additional math representing the actions that
describe exception handling.  On the other hand, how would you express
the TLA+ formula x' = x+1 in the programming language?  Program code
to add two arbitrary integers is not going to be simple.  (Of
course it won't be difficult if someone has aleady implemented it; but
a TLA+ spec that someone has already written isn't hard to import

Programming languages make it easy to handle the complexities of
arithmetic on a finite set of integers, and hard to do simple
arithmetic on the actual set of integers.  It's obvious why
programming language designers made that choice.  It's less obvious
why I made the opposite choice for TLA+, and most people don't
understand it.  To get a hint of the reason why TLA+ is so different
from programming languages, read the story of the OpenComRTOS project 
described here:


Experienced programmers don't get a factor of 10 reduction in code
size by improving their programming; they do it by changing the way
they think.  Learning to think in terms of algorithms and high-level
concepts rather than programs and code takes time and practice.  I
learned to do it before I became a computer scientist, but it took me
25 years to figure out how to embody that kind of thinking in a
specification language.  Don't expect to learn it in a few days.


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