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[tlaplus] Priming variables from "exists in" expressions?

Hello, all--

I've been writing toy modules in the course of learning TLA, and in the course of debugging one, I noticed that priming a variable defined in an "exists in" expression seems to result in a next-state expression that's always false.  I've flipped through [what I think are] the relevant sections of Specifying Systems and searched around online, but haven't been able to figure out whether this is due to a limitation in TLC or if there's some mathematical subtlety that I'm missing that makes my spec incorrect. 

For example:

-------------------------- MODULE ExistsInPrime --------------------------

Init ==
    x = TRUE

Advance(next, this) ==
    next' = ~this

ThisAdvances ==
    \* This next-state progression works fine.
    \E y \in {x}: Advance(x, y)

ThisDeadlocks ==
    \* This next-state progression is never true.
    \E y \in {x}: Advance(y, y)

Next == ThisDeadlocks

If anyone could help me understand why ThisDeadlocks and ThisAdvances produce different results in TLC, I'd appreciate it.


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