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[tlaplus] [JOB] Open-source distributed systems proving with TLA+

Preferably in Sydney, Australia: but can be anywhere

I'm an engineer—finishing off his PhD—and we're building large-scale distributed, decentralised and leaderless systems, including a new register-based VM targeting its distributed state machine, and compilers [a new LLVM backend] for it.

Working with a new consensus algorithm, you can help test (e.g.: Jepsen) and prove (e.g.: Coq or maybe model checking TLA+ will suffice), improving and rethinking it along the way.

Can only offer contracts, but this could become long term.

MIT licensed, here is its current state: https://github.com/Fantom-foundation/lachesis-rs

Join us on this exciting, open-source focused project 😁


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