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[tlaplus] Re: [Noob] Avoiding unnecessary variables

Hi. Thank you for the answer.

Yes, I am aware that this will merge the three actions into one atomic action. This is actually what I wanted but didn't know how to implement. 

I am a little bit confused as to how you pop the message from the queue. It looks like you are assigning it a value before popping (either with the existential quantifier or the Head operator). What does the Pop do then?

On Wednesday, February 27, 2019 at 10:16:58 AM UTC+1, Michael Chonewicz wrote:
Hello. I'm still learning TLA+ and i came across an issue. I have a specification with two queues. Messages get put in the first queue by a thread, then taken out of it by the second thread, processed and put into the second queue. The way i came up with for doing this is the following (what the second thread does):

VARIABLES queue1, queue2, tempVar, state


Queue1 == INSTANCE InnerQueue WITH Values <- Message, q <- queue1
Queue2 == INSTANCE InnerQueue WITH Values <- Message, q <- queue2


FetchMessage ==
   /\ ~Queue1!IsEmpty
   /\ state = "Idle"
   /\ Queue1!Pop(tempVar)
   /\ state' = "Processing"
   /\ UNCHANGED <<...>> \* other variables unchanged
ProcessMessage ==
   /\ state = "Processing"
   /\ \* Do the processing
   /\ state' = "Finished"    
   /\ UNCHANGED <<>> \* other variables unchanged
   /\ state = "Finished"
\ Queue2!Push(tempVar)
    /\ state' = "Idle"
   /\ UNCHANGED <<>> \* other variables unchanged
Actions ==
   \/ FetchMessage
   \/ ProcessMessage
   \/ Finish

With InnerQueue being defined like this:
EXTENDS Sequences



Init == 
    q = << >>

TypeInvariant ==
    q \in Seq(Values)
Push(val) ==
    /\ val /= NoVal
    /\ q' = Append(q, val)
Pop(var) ==
    /\ var' = Head(q)
    /\ q' = Tail(q)
IsEmpty ==
    q = << >>

My issue is that already with such a simple bare-bones model, it takes a long time to check. I have two ideas of making it simpler and faster but i don't quite know how to do it or if its even possible:
  • Merge FetchMessage, Process and Finish into one Action (eliminating tempVar and state). I tried to do this, but I cannot do anything with the result from Pop from the first queue until next step. Same thing with the processed result, i cannot push it until the next state.
  • Eliminate the variable tempVar from being a part of the state. The state of this variable is unimportant as its a temporary variable. The only reason i have it in the first place is because i somehow have to return a value from the Pop.
Can any of this be done? Or maybe my thinking about this the wrong way after years of "normal" programming?

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