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[tlaplus] Problem with instance substitutions

I've explored the threads before posting and its good to know that there was an error in the video (though I spend a few hours trying to fix my issue). I'm having a problem with the INSTANCE of my module into another. I read the other thread that mentioned how to do it, but I'm still confused when I read it because of wording.

I have one module called "motion" which had no errors (yay! first successful module... though its very simple). Then I made another module called "case" (below) and I keep getting the following errors:

"Substitution missing for symbol mState declared at line 4, col 10 to line 4, col 15 of module motion and instantiated in module case."

"Substitution missing for symbol M declared at line 2, col 10 to line 2, col 15 of module motion and instantiated in module case."

----------------MODULE case ----------------------
INSTANCE motion  \* <- red error line here

CONSTANT C, M \* <- error for M from the "motion" module

VARIABLE cState, mState

CTypeOK == 
  cState \in [C -> {"pleadings", "discovery", "trial", "ruling"}]

CInit ==
  cState = [c \in C |-> "pleadings"]
Discovery(c) ==
  /\ cState[c] = "discovery"
  /\ cState' = [cState EXCEPT ![c] = "trial"]
Trial(c) ==
  /\ cState[c] = "discovery"
  /\ cState' = [cState EXCEPT ![c] = "ruling"]

CNext == \E c \in C:
  \/ Discovery(c)
  \/ Trial(c)

Here is the first module in case its needed
------------------------------- MODULE motion -------------------------------


MTypeOK == 
  mState \in [M -> {"motion", "response", "reply", "surreply", "hearing", "granted", "denied", "ruling"}]
MInit == 
  mState = [m \in M |-> "motion"]
MotionResponse(m) == 
  /\ mState[m] = "motion"
  /\ mState' = [mState EXCEPT ![m] = "response"]

ResponseReply(m) ==
  /\ mState[m] = "response"
  /\ mState' = [mState EXCEPT ![m] = "reply"]

SurReply(m) ==
  /\ mState[m] = "reply"
  /\ mState' = [mState EXCEPT ![m] = "surreply"]

Hearing(m) ==
  /\ mState[m] \in {"motion", "response", "reply", "surreply"}
  /\ mState' = [mState EXCEPT ![m] = "hearing"]

MotionRuling(m) ==
  /\ mState[m] \in {"motion", "response", "reply", "surreply", "hearing"}
  /\ mState' = [mState EXCEPT ![m] = "ruling"]

MNext == \E m \in M : MotionResponse(m)
  \/ ResponseReply(m)
  \/ SurReply(m)
  \/ Hearing(m)
  \/ MotionRuling(m)
  \*\/ UNCHANGED <<mState>>

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