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Re: [tlaplus] New release of the Toolbox and TLAPS

A new version of the TLA+ Hyperbook has also been released.   The first two sections of The TLA+ Proof Track  have been revised  to conform to the current version of TLAPS, and a third section explaining the proof language has been added

On Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 12:41 PM, Damien Doligez <damien....@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear TLA+ users,

We have the pleasure of announcing the quasi-simultaneous release of
the TLA Toolbox version 1.4.8 and the TLA Proof System version 1.3.0.
They are available as usual through the following links:



What's new in these releases:

- Added a feature to Renumber Proof command.
- Disallowed <*> and <+> in names of named proof steps.
- Minor bug fixes to Toolbox and TLC.
- Corrected definition of Tail in standard Sequences Module.

- Bug fixes
- A new back-end that handles Propositional Temporal Logic. This
  means you can finally complete your safety proofs. Use is
  illustrated in the example files and the tutorial on

-- Damien Doligez for the TLA team.

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