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Re: [tlaplus] Minimal subet of files to keep in a git repository

with the current release of the Toolbox you want to add the .project
file to git. Even though it can be re-created in almost all cases, it is
needed if you have two (or more) un-parsable specs sitting in the same
directory. In this case the Toolbox takes the EXTEND closure from the
.project file¹. Then you also want
.settings/org.lamport.tla.toolbox.prefs. The Toolbox has a bug causing
it to show errors if it's missing.
It is so unfortunate we need to keep all thiose files that are ancillary in some

The Model_1/ directory is re-created from the .launch file when the
model checker gets launched. Only keep it if you want to archive the
result of the last model checker run.
Really? I think all the prameters related to the model, like the values
given to the constants, were kept in the MC.* files.
Thank you for those explanations Markus.