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Re: [tlaplus] Minimal subet of files to keep in a git repository

On 27.03.2015 11:59, fl wrote:
> I've often wondered what parts of a toolbox project I need to keep in a
> git repository knowing I want keep the minimal sets of files
> and that I want to keep the models obviously. I think that  you
> will achieve the aim if you keep the *.tal files, the *.cfg files
> the *.launch files and the MC.* files.

Hi Frederic,

with the current release of the Toolbox you want to add the .project
file to git. Even though it can be re-created in almost all cases, it is
needed if you have two (or more) un-parsable specs sitting in the same
directory. In this case the Toolbox takes the EXTEND closure from the
.project file¹. Then you also want
.settings/org.lamport.tla.toolbox.prefs. The Toolbox has a bug causing
it to show errors if it's missing.

The Model_1/ directory is re-created from the .launch file when the
model checker gets launched. Only keep it if you want to archive the
result of the last model checker run.

Do note that some files store *absolute* path names which makes them
rather unportable. If time permits, a future Toolbox version will use
relative path names.


¹ This is how Simon explained it to me.