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Re: [tlaplus] How to build Codeplex Tlaplus Tools?

On 30.03.2015 08:58, marc magrans de abril wrote:
> Today, I just tried a simple example (see below) were an integer is
> incremented by 1 (modulo 100). The model checker finds the error on
> Liveness1 and Liveness2 properties. However, the simulator does not find
> them.
> Is this a bug, or just something not understood on my side?

Hi Marc,

the problem is not a bug in simulation mode. Simulation - by default -
checks behaviors up to a length of 100 states. This is too short for
your invariants. Try increasing the "Maximum length of a trace" to more
than 100 states on the "Advanced Options" page of the Model editor.

Regular model checking obviously does not restrict behaviors to a
maximum length.