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Re: [tlaplus] How to build Codeplex Tlaplus Tools?

On 08.03.2015 22:36, marc magrans de abril wrote:
> What I would like is to use the recompiled version of tla2tools.jar on
> the Toolbox. How should I tell to the Toolbox to use the recompiled
> version of tla2tools.jar (i.e. copy the file to some directory, change
> some preferences, etc.)? 

Hi Marc,

if you have made changes to the source and want to run a customized
tla2tools.jar with the Toolbox, it's easiest to rebuild the Toolbox from
scratch. Its build will recompile its embedded¹ tla2tools.jar automatically.

In order to build the Toolbox and its embedded tla2tools, run "mvn
verify" from the root of the git repository. You will need Apache maven
3.0.x and a recent JDK. To skip the Toolbox's UI tests, it's "mvn verify
You will find the Toolbox zips in
org.lamport.tla.toolbox.product.product/target/products/ relative to the
root of the git repository.

Can you say what kind of code changes you have made?


¹ The embedded tla2tools.jar is technically shaped differently than the
standalone tla2tools.jar.