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Re: [tlaplus] Fwd: Regarding TLA+ coding

Dear Nahida,

I previously answered your question about stuttering. Thank you for your TLA+ specification; I have the following stylistic remarks:

. You enforce liveness by the conjunct "[]eventually" in your specification – by the way, the [] operator is superfluous here because ~> already is boxed since F ~> G abbreviates [](F => <>G), and since [] commutes with \A. This is a "global" condition, and it is more interesting to replace it in your specification by an appropriate fairness condition on the Acquire action, then prove your "eventually" formula to be a property of the specification.

. Leading "/\" operators are used in TLA+ for aligning multi-line conjunctions (and disjunctions), they are not necessary in one-line formulas such as in the definition of Spec. When you write multi-line conjunctions, make sure you properly align them, otherwise you may run into unpleasant surprises.

. Certainly you want to check a more interesting property of your specification than just type invariance.

Best regards,

On 6 Mar 2017, at 07:43, Nahida Sultana Nahida Sultana <nchow...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I am just a beginner of using TLA+ having difficulties.

I have a query is:

In my code I have a line like
Spec == /\ Init  /\ [][PNext]_stateP  /\ []eventually

where [][PNext]_stateP represent PNext will be also true if stateP'=stateP but I don't want to add this conditiontion here, so when I am trying to change the code by replacing []PNext it's saying "followed by action not of form [A]_v".

In this situation what I am supposed to do, also correct me if I am assuming something wrong.

*The source code is attached here.

Best Regards,

Nahida Sultana Chowdhury

Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, 

University of Asia Pacific,

Dhaka, Bangladesh. 

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