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[tlaplus] Question: how to describe the network message from ewd687a/EWD687aPlusCal.tla in Rust?

Hello All,

The following is a question about how to implement a certain piece of TLA+ in Rust, Python, Java Or Go (any language will do, I just need to get my head around it):

I am implementing the algorithm ewd687a/EWD687aPlusCal.tla from the Specifications listed on GitHub for the TLAExamples repo. I am having difficulty describing the TLA+ statement for the network in Rust (see below):

This is the statement in the spec and the part I find tricky is: msg->[snd \in Node |-> 0]: 

(* For every node we keep the following counters:
- number of base messages received, per sending node
- number of ack messages received *)
network = [n \in Node |-> [msg |-> [snd \in Node |-> 0], ack |-> 0]]

My hope is to get some guidance on how one might describe the network as a struct in the form:

struct Message {
from: Node,
ack: u16,

#[derive(Debug, Clone)]
pub struct Node {
pub name: String,
active: bool,
node: Option<Rc<RefCell<Node>>>,
message: u32,
ack: u32,

struct Network {
network: VecDeque<Node>,
status: Vec<Message>,
termination_detection: bool,
I probably have it quite wrong so thank you for any tips you can provide.

King Greetings
Lee F

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