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[tlaplus] Re: Draft of New TLA Book

An extensively revised draft of A Science of Concurrent Programs is available at the same place.  Chapter 2, which describes ordinary math, has been simplified and made much shorter.  Much of the material that used to be there has been moved later in the book to where it is first needed.  Comments and error reports are still welcome.

On Wednesday, January 3, 2024 at 11:14:24 AM UTC-8 Leslie Lamport wrote:
A draft of a new book I have tentatively titled A Science of Concurrent Programs is available here.  The book explains the scientific principles underlying the TLA+ language.  It contains a lot of math.  All the math beyond high school algebra is explained, but it will be tough going for readers who haven't taken an introductory university math class for computer science students that covers things like sets and logic.  The book contains little discussion of how TLA+ is used in practice, but it explains why TLA+ is what it is.

This is a preliminary version and I welcome comments, suggestions, and questions.  Anyone who is the first to report any error will be thanked in the final version. 

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