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[tlaplus] Filtering set of records

Hi tlaplus,

I am starting to write TLA+ spec with some definitions of filtering set of records. I have this spec below and I could not get it right where TLC is saying:

Evaluating predicate ...yielded non-Boolean value.
For this _expression_: { i \in 1..Len(seq): seq[i].ops = o}

I think I understand it is non-Boolean value but how can I get "i" so I can check if the ops match "read" of each of those records in my sequence, minus the empty sequence?

----------------------MODULE WorkLoads------------------------------
EXTENDS Sequences, Naturals

Data == {"a","b"}
LBARange == 0..2

NumIO == 3
IOCommands == [ ops: {"write"}, lba: LBARange, data: Data] \cup [ ops: {"read"}, lba: LBARange ] \* <<>> is considered idle

IOWorkloads == UNION { [1..m -> IOCommands] : m \in 0..NumIO}
ContainOps(S, o) == { seq \in S \ {<<>>}: { i \in 1..Len(seq): seq[i].ops = o}}

_OnlyReadWorkloads_ == ContainOps(IOWorkloads, "read")

I appreciate any help and clarification.


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