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[tlaplus] Re: In TLC, what does the num parameter do given the -simulate flag?

From tlc -h output:

run in simulation mode; optional parameters may be specified
        comma delimited: 'num=X' where X is the maximum number of
        total traces to generate and/or 'file=Y' where Y is the
        absolute-pathed prefix for trace file modules to be written
        by the simulation workers; for example Y='/a/b/c/tr' would
        produce, e.g, '/a/b/c/tr_1_15'

On Saturday, January 28, 2023 at 9:50:58 AM UTC-5 Andrew Helwer wrote:
tlc -simulate num=1 SpecName

I thought it restricted the length of the state trace but that doesn't seem to be true.


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