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[tlaplus] Re: How can I modelcheck an angle-bracket action formula?

Also it seems like monospace fonts are now broken on google groups, anybody else have this problem? Or perhaps it is only mixing monospace and ordinary fonts; I will experiment by making this entire message monospace.

On Wednesday, January 18, 2023 at 10:50:48 AM UTC-5 Andrew Helwer wrote:
Given this spec:

---- MODULE Test ----
EXTENDS Naturals
Init == x = 10
Next == IF x > 0 THEN x' = x - 1 ELSE UNCHANGED x
Monotonic == []<<x > 0 => x' < x>>_x

And this model:

PROPERTY Monotonic

TLC gives this error:

*** Errors: 1

line 6, col 14 to line 6, col 27 of module Test

[] followed by action not of form [A]_v.

Does TLC only support [][A]_v, not []<<A>>_v?

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