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[tlaplus] [External] Need help to understand why model checker is ending up in stuttering step

Hi Folks,

I am new to TLA+ and trying to write a spec for checking cycle in a singly linked list.
The model checker is ending up in stuttering. Can anybody please help me understand & fix it? Thanks!

Here is the spec: -

--------------------------- MODULE CycleDetection ---------------------------

EXTENDS TLC, Naturals, FiniteSets, Sequences


\* Put the constraint on N

ASSUME NIsPositive == N \in (Nat \ {0})

\* Put the constraint on NIL

ASSUME NilIsNotInN == NIL \notin 1..N

\* Represents the set of nodes

Nodes == 1..N

\*Init position of hare and tortoise

InitPos == 1

VARIABLES linkedList, tortoise, hare, cycleDetected, pc

vars == << linkedList, tortoise, hare, cycleDetected, pc >>

\* Check if the linkedList is a valid singly linked linkedList (may have cycle)

IsValidLinkedList(l) == \A n \in Nodes : 

                                            \/  /\ n = N

                                                /\ l[n] \in ((Nodes \union {NIL}) \ {n})

                                            \/ l[n] = n + 1

ValidlinkedListsSet ==  {l \in [Nodes -> Nodes \union {NIL}] : IsValidLinkedList(l) } 

Init == /\ linkedList \in ValidlinkedListsSet        

        /\ tortoise = InitPos

        /\ hare = InitPos

        /\ cycleDetected = FALSE

        /\ pc = "MoveTortoise"

MoveTortoise ==  

        /\ pc = "MoveTortoise"

        /\ tortoise' = IF tortoise # NIL THEN linkedList[tortoise] ELSE NIL                

        /\ pc' = "MoveHare"

        /\ UNCHANGED << linkedList, hare, cycleDetected >>        

MoveHare ==  

        /\ pc = "MoveHare"

        /\ hare' = IF (hare = NIL \/ linkedList[hare] = NIL) THEN NIL ELSE linkedList[linkedList[hare]]        

        /\ pc' = "Check"

        /\ UNCHANGED << linkedList, tortoise, cycleDetected >>        

Check ==        

        /\ pc = "Check"                

        /\ cycleDetected' = (tortoise = hare)               

        /\ pc' = IF (tortoise = NIL \/ hare = NIL \/ (tortoise = hare)) THEN "Done" ELSE "MoveTortoise"

        /\ UNCHANGED << linkedList, tortoise, hare >>

Next == MoveTortoise \/ MoveHare \/ Check \/ (pc = "Done" /\ UNCHANGED vars)

Spec == Init /\ [][Next]_vars

TypeInvariant == 

                    /\ pc \in {"MoveTortoise", "MoveHare", "Done", "Check"}

                    /\ cycleDetected \in BOOLEAN 

                    /\ tortoise \in (Nodes \union {NIL})

                    /\ hare \in (Nodes \union {NIL})                    

Termination == <> (pc = "Done")


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