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[tlaplus] The TLA+ Video Course, module AB2H: is there a mistype in SpecH?

Hello everyone,

I'm watching this video: http://lamport.azurewebsites.net/video/video10b.html and around 5:41 it prompts to download AB2H.tla from https://lamport.azurewebsites.net/video/AB2H.tla . Here is an excerpt:

SpecH == /\ AB2!Spec
         /\ [] /\ AtoB  \in Seq(Data \X {0,1})
               /\ BtoA \in Seq({0,1})

It looks nothing like the previously demonstrated render (at 5:30).

My understanding is that this is a simple mistype: SpecH was probably mixed with TypeOKH from the second half of the file. So it's actually just an AB2!Spec with `Bad` messages prohibited.

Moreover, this error is not caught by model checking because TLC cannot check neither `SpecH => AB!Spec` nor `SpecH => SpecHH` implication as SpecH has a non-standard form. TLC can check the `SpecHH => SpecH` implication, but it is true: requirements for AtoB and BtoA in `SpecH` are more relaxed than necessary.

Is this understanding fully correct?

Best regards,
Egor Suvorov

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